A Complete Guide to avail GTA 4 Android Apk

GTA series is well-known for PC and Console game series that stands for Grand Theft Auto. You can easily find that there are many games available in the series and the latest one is GTA V. All installments are a popular one but GTA 4 Apk was much in hype a while ago.

The game has some amazing graphics, and it comes with lots of interactive features as well as impressive gameplay. But, most of the gamers want to play it on their Android smartphone. Even you can find many gamers play it. .

Are you willing to play GTA 4 Apk on your smartphone without facing any of issue? Well, this guide will help you know the method to download this beautiful game and installing it on an Android smartphone as well as playing it.

Method To Download
There are lots of websites available that can provide you GTA 4 Apk android apk and the OBB files which will be required to install this game.

Make sure to look for a reliable website to get the game, and after downloading it, you should check out the files. The game will be in a zip file that does why extract it. Now, copy the obb file in Android, OBB folder. Head over the main folder again and install the app. You can read more details on http://grandtheftaction.com.

The game will take couple minutes to install, after that, you have to open the main menu. If your smartphone denies installing the app because it is from a website, not from Google Play Store, then you should provide permissions to unknown sources.
Open setting and then go to apps. Here, you can find the option of unknown sources installation. Some Android smartphone manufacturer like Samsung keeps this option in security feature. Check it out there and turn on unknown sources installation.

Things to consider
If you are going to download the GTA 4 Apk game but not sure about its compatibility, then check out few basic things given further. This game has high-end graphics as well as it offers a great number of features. To run GTA 4 Apk, your smartphone must be high end, or it must have a good processor , GPU, RAM, and Storage.

After considering these factors, you should check out that the game is from a trusted source or not. The official game is not available till now, and you will be using an emulator to play it on android. So, must pay attention to security factor for sure. These factors will help you get rid of all the issues and enjoying it.

Bottom Line
You can run this game on Android by using an emulator. Most of the emulators for Xbox can help you out. Chances of getting an Apk that is designed for Android are negligible now because the game will release five years later form now (2018). You can wait for that or try out emulators to run it.